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Yesterday the #ESEASeason33 Registration closed and the Royalty Esports #CSGO Roster will be apart of the action in the upcoming South African Open league, ultimately leading up to the ESL Pro League.

What do we know about ESEA Season 33 at this point?

ESEA League Season 33 which will feature $180,000 in prizes and the MDL will qualify teams to the ESL Pro League once again this season.

Registration for NEW teams for Season 33 is now open and will remain so until Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 11:59pm PT. Once registration closes, there will be a few days for teams to get acquainted with the system and to schedule their first matches, which will be able to be scheduled from Friday, January 10th.

Teams currently registered for Season 32 will be able to register after the move-ups are announced at the end of the current season. We plan to announce move-ups on the evening of December 23rd. Rosters for Season 32 will also be locked until this date.

Prize change
As mentioned recently Season 33 will not feature some of the previously ran national European divisions which are being merged with the Pan-European Open division. The Proving Grounds prize pool has also not been included in this post’s announced prize pool. There will still be off-season events to hone your skills over the Christmas break however the prize money associated with the Proving Grounds will be moved toward a new structure which is yet to be announced.

Important dates

Registration closes – January 6th at midnight PT

At this point, new teams can no longer register. Roster restrictions will come into effect so, for example, one player may only join one team per 7 days. A team may only add 3 players per 7 days. This means that if you add 3 players on the evening of league registration closing then you will not be able to add any new players until 7 days have passed since the first player of those 3 joined. Similarly, if you join a team on the evening of league registration and then leave then you will not be able to join another team for 7 days once league registration has closed. Therefore, if registration closes on the 6th and a player joins on the 5th then he will have to wait until the 12th to join his next roster. Similarly, if 3 players joined on the 4th then you will have to wait till the 11th to add players once registration closes.

Therefore it is critical to have all of your players on your roster before league registration closes, even if they are not paid up.

Unpaid teams removed January 8th at 6pm PT

For divisions which require a League fee (eg North America/Europe Open) then teams with less than 4 players with their league fees paid shall be removed at this time. In divisions that only require ESEA Premium (eg South Africa Open) then teams with less than 5 players on the roster will be removed. Unpaid teams will not be eligible to re-enter at this point once removed.

Schedules released January 9th at 3:00 pm PT

Teams will be able to see their upcoming matchups, submit vetoes and schedule their matches at this point.

First default day: January 13th

Rosters Lock: March 1st at 3:59 pm PT

Regular Season Ends: March 15th

Playoffs Ends: April 6th

Features of ESEA League include:

  • Divisions in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and Brazil
  • Two matches per week for all divisions
  • Recruitment section to find teams and players
  • League matches broadcast on ESEA TV
  • Automated veto process
  • Complete web match scheduling
  • SMS scheduling alerts
  • All matches played on our ESEA servers across 26 global locations
  • Coaching system for all regions and all divisions
  • Protection from our industry leading anti-cheat / config locking Client
  • Helpful team of handpicked paid league admins who are active in each community
  • Advanced statistics and box scores for every match
  • GOTV replay downloads for every match within 5 minutes of matches finishing
  • Automatic live GOTV for every match (unlimited number of spectators) other than officially broadcast games
  • You build your permanent league record

A full prize pot breakdown will be announced relatively shortly after registration closes ie after the team numbers are finalized.

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