Who we are

Originally founded in 2016 by Jan van der Westhuizen as one of the top competing League of Legends esports teams in South Africa, with the vision of jumpstarting the competitive community and bringing esports to the local mainstream. Our mission is to keep our players united and inspired to keep going forward in achieving their goals, thus becoming a top tier team in both local and international esports. We focus on shaping up new talent and teams to a better version of themselves so they can dominate the tournaments while carrying forth our brand name. We push to produce a friendly environment for all our brothers and sisters with us at Royalty Esports, where all the players create a great bond with each other and have the ability to grow together, not only as a team, but as a family.



Do you need our logo or organization banners? We have all our vector and compiled designs right here for you. Grab all our royalty branded artwork right at the click of a button.